The list of countries that speak Arabic

Arabic or al-ʻarabiyyah is a language that belongs to the Central Semitic group of languages. It is a part of the larger Semitic family that consists of Amharic, Arabic, Tigrinya, Hebrew, Aramaic and Maltese. Of the entire group, Arabic is the most widely used language.

Arabic has about 422 million speakers in the world. But each region has its own dialect. There are about 30 recognised varieties apart from the standard form.

 Arabic is considered one of the five most spoke languages in the world, owing to its diaspora spread across the globe.

The modern standard Arabic is taught in schools and colleges and most commonly used in workplace and government. The Literary Arabic is the official language of the following 25 different countries.
















 Palestine a


 Saudi Arabia






 United Arab Emirates


It is also recognized as a national or minority language in the following six countries.







Arabic also gets a special status by the constitution of the following countries.





Apart from its natural language speakers, Arabic has a wider influence on the world because it is considered to be the de facto language of Muslims worldwide. This has happened because the Quran, the holy book of Islam is written in Arabic. So apart from the Arabian Peninsula, you can see Arabic words in many other languages. For example, Urdu in India is said to have heavily borrowed from Arabic vocabulary.

On the other hand, Arabic is said to have borrowed largely from Aramaic. Aramaic was the most widely spoken language in the ancient time in the middle east. Another language which is said to have had an influence on Arabic is Hebrew. Iranian languages like Persian, Middle Persian and Parthian are also said to have contributed to the development of Arabic in the middle ages.

Arab invaders took their language and religion along with them. This way, Islam and Arabic spread from the Arabian Peninsula into Asian countries like Afghanistan, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq and others.

It also spread across the African continent. Arabic is spoken in Algeria, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Tanzania.

One reason Arabic is growing in non-Arabic regions is because the language is being taught in Islamic madrasas around the world.

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